Kevin Bansberg

Game Programmer
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Curriculum Vitae

My name is Kevin Bansberg, born on December the 2nd, 1989 in Winssen (The Netherlands).

VWO (Atheneum) NG & NT at Stedelijke Scholengemeenschap Nijmegen
IGAD Game Programming bachelor at NHTV (graduated in 2014)

DutchNative language. Fluent in reading, writing and speech at professional level.
EnglishFluent in reading, writing and speech at professional level.

Work experience
CodeglueSince October 2013. Integrating Steam API into ibb and obb. Game programming for Terraria for mobile as well as Terraria for 3DS. Implementing Steam for Rocket Riot. Creating UI and fixing bugs for Castaway Paradise. Working on and off Antegods. And working on several undisclosed projects.
SupermarketSince 2003 to 2015. Helping customers, leading new co-workers and overall making sure things are done correctly.
Triumph Studios2013, 6 months internship. Graphics, gameplay and network programming in C++. Made a PHP plugin for WordPress.
WeBe Engineering2008-2009. Dismantling and building big machines, I had to use my hands a lot. Installing computers.

Programming skills
C/C++ ProgrammingVery fluent. I am actively learning C++ since 2009 on IGAD and in my free time.
C# ProgrammingVery fluent. Used in 8-week prototyping course with XNA, Unity and my procedural texture toolchain. I have been using Unity for several years now at Codeglue.
Java ProgrammingMediocre. Used in several of my Android projects and Minecraft mods.
Unreal ScriptMediocre. I made many mods for Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3 such as UT3 Invasion, but that has been a long time ago.
Lua ScriptingFluent. MCServer uses Lua as a scripting language. I implemented Lua, exposed the functions and made several plugins in Lua.
Squirrel ScriptingFluent. MCServer uses Squirrel as an optional scripting language.
PHPFluent. I have created several websites that use PHP including this one.
SQLMediocre. Several of my websites use MySQL databases as well as a mod I created for Minecraft

Graphics programmingRay tracer, path tracer, software rasterizer, OpenGL graphics engine, Cg shader programming, Ogre3D, Unity3D
Audio programmingWrote a 3D audio engine and used FMOD in several projects.
Network programmingWorked with RakNet in projects. Used sockets in MCServer (WINDOWS/OSX/LINUX/ANDROID)
Multi-Core programmingWrote tool classes for multithreading applications including a job manager.
Platform programmingPC, Linux (Since 2009), Android (Since 2011), iOS (Since 2013), Apple OS X (2011), PSP (2011-2012), PS3 (2011-2012), Nintendo DS (2010), Nintendo 3DS (2016), Playstation 4 (2017), Xbox One (2017), Universal Windows Platform (2016-2017), Arduino
OptimizingSIMD programming (SSE and NEON), ASM programming, Multi-Core programming
Programming IDEMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2013/2015 Professional, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, MonoDevelop, Notepad++

PhotoshopI have used Photoshop many times for many occasions.
Autodesk MayaI can model, UV, rig, skin and animate.

Gaming, programming, snowboarding, hiking, running, watching movies and going on vacation. - Kevin Bansberg