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MCServer the C++ Minecraft server

What is MCServer? MCServer is a custom Minecraft server, written completely in C++. It's designed to be a fast, lightweight and easy to use replacement for the original server.

MCServer started out as my personal and private project. I made MCServer because I could not stand how many resources the original server uses and an up-and-coming indie game seemed easy enough to create a replacement for. I learned a great deal about network programming and multi-platform programming since MCServer runs on many platforms such as Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, Android, Raspberry Pi and possibly more. Eventually after a year or so MCServer started taking too much of my time so I decided to go open source. Right now multiple people are still working on keeping MCServer up to date.

Lua is used as the main scripting language for plugins in MCServer which allows people to quickly and easily create fast plugins to alter MCServer to their liking without having to change the source code.

MCServer has been picked up where I left off on GitHub, and has been renamed to Cuberite! You can check it out here: Cuberite. - Kevin Bansberg