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Game Programmer
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Arashi is a small game / toy for the Android OS. You can use your fingers to attract and repel particles.

It started out as a test to get into Android development and I wanted to program it in C++ instead of Java. After I managed to get a simple particle simulation going on I wanted to find the limit of my phone's hardware. I found out that 'newer' Android phones have SIMD instructions (NEON) and so did mine, so I decided to translate most of the simulation to SIMD.

Arashi is heavily optimized. The simulation code is not the bottle-neck, but the rendering is. On my HTC Desire I can run 16k~32k particles just fine. A Google Nexus 7 can handle more than 65.000 particles rendered as triangles.

Arashi is also the first commercial game I have ever released. - Kevin Bansberg